How to Travel Safe in Public Transportation

Everyone may have to take up public transport systems at some point of time in life. Be cautious and safe while using them. Crowded places and transports are the places where one has to follow caution as anything can happen anytime.

Often we experience this when using public transport for our routine travel, as we become a bit complacent and will not give that much importance to our safety. But then, we will have a fear of our safety. Well, it is always better to take few steps to be safe and avoid unforeseen danger.

Here are some points to be noted while ensuring a safe travel.

Use the Most Crowded Bus Stops: Know your route and avoid isolated bus stops. Instead, it is better to walk some distance in crowded places.

Carry the Fare Handy and Safe on Board: Know your bus fare amount and keep the change in an isolated compartment in your purse. Do not open and search for it on boarding a bus. Otherwise, you may encounter snatch from pick pockets.

Avoid Hopping or Taking Footsteps: You are putting your life in danger while hopping on to a bus or leaning to it at footsteps or windows. This may be pleasure for most people, but they have to suffer the consequences.

Be Wary of Thiefs and Strangers: If you experience a tingling movement, get away from there or alert the driver. Stay in well-lit areas or in aisles surrounded by people and do not sit near the door if possible. Avoid speaking to strangers and sleeping while traveling.

Handling Properties: Keep your cell phone, purses, and handbag tight; do not let them down to your legs. Avoid using cell phones while transit. Do not wear expensive jewels or carry heavy cash in buses or trains.

Some Tricks: Carry safety pins and pepper spray to face dangers or attacks.

Check the Numbers and Colors: Before boarding, check the color of the transport system and its board that displays the route or numbers. You may ensure that it is authorized.

Precautions for Cabs: Using taxi services at night is a safe option, but there are some precautions. Ask the driver’s name before taking up the taxi to check if he is the qualified person. If there is discomfort with the driver, better take another taxi. Use the apps to search for “taxi near me” and share your location to your well wishers and to take immediate action on misbehaved drivers.

Do Not Reveal Personal Details on Roads: Do not reveal your personal details while standing on roads. Even if you are put in that situation, stay away from people and silently attend to them.

Do Not Get Distracted: Often, snatchers will try to distract your attention saying something to public or doing a different action. In such cases, do not get distracted and be cautious.

Transport and me, a great love story!

If you question my entourage about me and the transports. .. you will soon realize the smiles heard that emerge before giving way to big bursts of laughter. Yes at this level, I have a bad reputation. However, I always ask for more. If there is one who must have delays or mishaps not possible, it’s me. Bad karma, no doubt …

My first love … the car

It all starts when I got my driver’s license (fingers in the nose for that matter). A few months later, I have an accident with a doe . Nothing serious, the doe is not even dead on the spot, but it was a good introduction. The first of a long list of animals killed or injured by my fault. Birds, squirrels, badgers (yes, I killed a badger), it’s a calamity. Some escape narrowly and as soon as I drive, it is to believe that all the animals escape from the zoo to get on my way. I almost had an accident in Sweden with momentum . Not happy with my animal list and many strange failures and skirmishes, my first car burnedwhen I drove. Well, you’ll tell me the car, it’s dangerous. That’s right, that’s why I also like public transport .

A hot passion: night buses

The night bus travel is still bathmat. Weird people, toilet smells, discomfort, noisy Spaniards, Polish screaming in his phone half the night, English waking me voluntarily chatting with me. Classic … But did you have the driver who gets lost for an hour in a small English town (Milton Keynes) for an hour and who does not find the bus stop until a kid of ten years tells him the road. Or did you have the shot of the driver who does not come to the place said and at the time said at the time of the exchange of drivers? Result, waiting in winter in a bus without heating at 3am waiting for another driver deign to replace it.

The Greyhound is fun too. Crossing the border with customs not funny, stop in the middle of the night where everyone goes down to refuel. Sport, I tell you. But that’s not worth the Chinese bus companies in New York …

Glad to have found a return trip so cheap to New York / Washington, you land innocently in Chinatown to take your bus. You can not find the station. Normal, there is not, it’s just a weird stop between two vegetable merchants. You wait patiently for a bus, none arrive, and the queue of travelers (almost all Chinese) is lying dangerously. Suddenly, a bus on the horizon. A Chinese woman with a notebook comes out of no one knows where and begins to shout a destination in “English”. You do not understand anything, but it is the signal for some travelers who take the run and assail the bus. You understand that the buses are over-booked and that if you want to leave at the scheduled time, you will have to fight! ”  Washington!!! “The backpack well hung, I run to the bus, without going through the hold and takes a place … next to a woman who will vomit in a bag all the way of course. Phew! Arrived in Washington, the person who was to pick me up is not there and yet we are two hours late. But that’s another story…